Managing Stress with Mindfulness Foundation Course

This 4-week Mindfulness course is developed based n the MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction).

During this unprecedented times of COVID-19, practicing mindfulness can help us improve well-being and reduce stress. Research studies targeted at the workplace have also linked mindfulness to helping middle managers avoid burnout, improved relationships at work, supporting collaboration, improved resilience to challenges, improved task performance, creativity, and adaptability to change. In short, mindfulness practice helps unlock the staff's potential and keeps their mind healthy.

The course will be conducted by qualified Mindfulness trainer.

This course will enable you to:
- Learn the essence of mindfulness and how it works
- Learn to perform a series of formal and informal mindfulness practices: Body scan, Mindful movement, Awareness of breath practice, Lovingkindness practice, Mindful walking, Mindful eating, Mindful of daily activities
- Practice mindfulness to cope with stress, concentrate for more efficient work, manage difficult emotions like anger, fear and anxiety, communicate more calmly
- Applying mindfulness in daily life

Course Details:

Fees: Member $88, Public Service Officer $95, Guest $100

Venue: CSC @ Tessensohn

Contact: Serene Cho at 63915620 or


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