Your child will learn to excavate skeletons of these great prehistoric animals which ruled the Earth in this interactive workshop. They will even have a chance to bring home their very own T-rex! This integrated learning makes learning Maths and Science an amazing experience that your child will simply fall in love with!

Course Details:

Session 1 – The Dinosaurs Land
Date: Thursday, 15 Dec ’16
Session 2 – The Volcano Land
Date: Friday, 16 Dec ’16
Session 3 – Peanut Butter Dinosaur Making
Date: Saturday, 17 Dec ’16
For World of Dinosaurs Session 1 - 3:
Fees: Member’s Child $180, Public Officer’s Child $190,
Member’s Guest’s Child $200 (inclusive of all materials)
Venue: CSC @ Tessensohn
Contact: Vanessa at 6391 5641 or


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