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Fabulous Diets or Fad Diets

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Learn and understand about fundamental nutrition with our entertaining and knowledgeable speaker Sharon!

Lifestyle diets such as Ketogenic & intermittent fasting often seem very promising and this appeals to a large number of people who want to drop the extra kilos quickly.

However, as quickly as we lose the weight, we tend to gain it all back and sometimes more. Are we doing it right or is there a catch in these fad diets?

Come and listen to our Nutrition Educator to arm yourself with useful, practical & medically safe advice for maintaining a healthy weight for the long term.

Remember, diets come and diets go...BUT understanding fundamental nutrition logic improves your health and lasts a lifetime.

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Schedules (Single Session)

Friday, 29 Oct 21

03.00PM – 04.00PM

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