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Top 10 Nutrition Myths

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This talk will bust some common but popular nutrition myths or half truths that you read from the internet or receive from well-meaning friends and family

Will drinking apple cider vinegar help me burn fat? Is coconut sugar healthier than white sugar? Will eating late at night really cause weight gain? In this talk, you will find out about these and more.

We will expound on the following 10 myths (choose 10 out of 12 listed):

1. Eating after 8pm every night will cause weight gain

2. Egg yolks are high in cholesterol so I should only eat the whites

3. Swapping white sugar with honey, brown sugar, or coconut sugar is healthier

4. Labels like “natural”, “organic”, “no sugar”, “low fat” means the food is healthier

People tend to give themselves the freedom to overeat 'healthy' foods. While the label might say that a food or beverage is low-fat or sugar-free, you still need to watch the quantity you consume and refrain from eating an excessive amount.

5. All Carbohydrates are bad & make me put on weight!

6. All smoothies and cold-pressed juices are healthy

7. Some “super” foods like apple cider vinegar and grapefruit can help burn more fat

8. It’s impossible to overeat healthy food, I can eat as much as I want as long as it’s healthy

9. Eating many small meals instead of a few big meals can help increase metabolism

10. I have to look skinny to be healthy

11. Meat alternatives are healthier than meat

12. Pink Himalaya salt and Sea Salt is healthier than regular salt

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