Event | Kids | Interactive VR Workshop: Varwin XRMS

Interactive VR Workshop: Varwin XRMS

Venue : Others

While time travel is still not possible, eXtended Reality XR can immerse us in realistic versions of the past, the future and take us to different worlds. In this workshop, we will learn the following:
• Basics of Virtual Reality
• Creating panorama and 3d objects
• Importing panorama and 3d objects and manipulating them in Varwin’s Reality Management System
• Exploring the Varwin interface where Blocky coding can be used to make the VR content interactive.
Participants are required to have their own PC/laptops with reasonably fast CPU & graphics processors

More Details:

Venue at CSC Tessensohn

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Schedules (Single Session)

Sunday, 20 Nov 22

04.00PM – 06.00PM

Fees for the course are as follows.

Members $50, Public Service Officer, $60, Non-member $70

Venue: CSC Tessensohn

Register by 1 week before.

Please contact Chong Chen at gohchongchen@csc.sg for enquiries