CHANGI RESORT BOWL is Civil Service Club’s newest bowling center. Located in the newly renovated Changi Clubhouse, the new bowling center is a breakthrough from the traditional centres to bring forth a total new experience for both social bowlers and competitive bowling.

From a palette of unconventional colours, Changi Resort Bowl’s unprecedented design welcomes individuals and corporates to a new world of bowling:
Seat back and enjoy
As you enter the new Changi Resort Bowl, you will notice that the centre was designed with a social gathering intent. Instead of the conventional bowling seats, Changi Resort Bowl has replaced them with sofa seating and coffee tables to provide for a more comfortable setting for social interaction. Scorers are mounted on the coffee tables for bowlers’ convenience. On the concourse area, semi-circle sofas are placed for larger group gatherings to enjoy our F&B services.

Bowlers and non-bowlers alike, Changi Resort Bowl welcomes you to seat back and enjoys the sea side resort setting with us.
World of high definition & customisable themes:
Equipped with the newest Brunswick Vector Plus HD scoring system, bowlers enjoy the best resolution through the 40” HD LED Monitors (1920×1080p resolution) and on table Scoring Consoles. In built in the Scoring system is the UChoose Theme selector, where bowlers can select their preferred themes for the different occasion (Birthdays, Corporate events etc). Bowlers can also select from an array of score sheet designs in four visually engaging styles, as well as a bold, new user-friendly interface. Configuration options include open-play, cross-lane and league modes.
More fun for everyone
The software allows bowlers to add variety and excitement to a round of bowling by allowing players of widely varying skill levels to compete evenly while on the same lane.
Pro lanes for Pro Bowlers
Avid bowlers will be playing on Brunswick’s top notch lanes – Pro Lanes. Pro Lane are designed with innovative markings, better targets and tracking points to benefit bowlers of all skill levels
The real deal:
Original Brunswick Pins and Balls
Using original Brunswick Score King Pins and house balls, Changi Resort Bowl sets the benchmark in bowling experience. Now hear those North American Hard Rock Maple and kiln dried Pins falls upon impact. Nothing like the real deal
Bowling for kids:
Pinball Wizard® BUmper System
Changi Resort Bowl seeks to provide a recreation for all to enjoy quality family time. Equipped with kid bowling balls, shoes and the Pinball Wizard Bumper System, every kid can have a good time bowling with pin falls as the bumper rails keep the ball on lanes.
Not your usual bowling center:
Changi Resort Bowl is capable to transform itself to a Party Venue where music, neon light and glow light features entertain bowlers and non-bowlers alike.

Changi Resort Bowl takes pride in being the first bowling center in Singapore to offer the patented: Lightworx® Division Lighting: The dazzling 18 LED light modules of the Lightworx® module create an amazing light show as you roll off. Different sequences deliver a large selection of visual effects that synchronize with the music and combine with the glow-light effects of Cosmic Bowling, the results are spectacular.
*Available for private and corporate parties