Make Bowling
An Experience

Welcome to WestWood Bowl, a haven where the joy of bowling meets unmatched excitement. Immerse yourself in a world of top-notch lanes, cutting-edge equipment, and a vibrant atmosphere that turns every roll into a celebration.


top equipment, daily maintenance
for peak performance


of shoes for rental from
kids to adult sizes

bowling balls (including
kids balls) for use

bowling lockers
for rental


Brunswick Bowling

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08 May
Welcome to CSC Westwood Bowl
Welcome to CSC Westwood Bowl, we have revamped our website in order to serve you better. Do check back often for our latest events and news in our website!
29 June
Join us soon
At Westwood Bowl, we are a 24 lanes bowling center featuring the highest quality lanes and equipment which are maintained daily for top performance. Join us today for a game!

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