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On 25 Oct 1971, the Singapore Government first set up the Singapore Civil Service Sports Council (SCSSC), mainly to handle inter-territorial games between the Civil Servants of Singapore and Malaysia.

The Tanglin Clubhouse that houses the SCSSC on Dempsey Road was officially opened in April 1972. In the same month, the council started to organize a variety of sports for public officers

Though the facilities then were modest but the vision was clear and focused: To promote sports, fitness and recreational activities among the Public Officers.

Over the years, the SCSSC has evolved to the better known, Civil Service Club (CSC) today, and have transited across various locations, from Dempsey, to Mount Pleasant, Portsdown and eventually the iconic location at Tessensohn. The Club has also expanded from a single location at Tessensohn, to include two more Clubhouses at Changi and the newest location at Bukit Batok.

The Civil Service Club is the home club for the Public Service Officers and organising body of many Public Service activities and the STAR Games, a series of competitive sports played annually, by representatives from the different Ministries and Statutory Boards, for networking and honor.

The Club also offers an array of facilities, activities and the preferred venue for events for our members, the Public Service agencies and Private Corporations. Today, Civil Service Club, is more than just sports and fitness, it is synonymous with one’s lifestyles, hobbies, and interests, where individuals and families could come together for unanimous fun and quality time!

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"There is a need for rest and recreation for members in the Public Service. The pressures upon them have increased tremendously with Singapore’s rapid economic growth and the government’s greater involvement in the economy"

Mr. Hon Sui Sen
The Late Minister For Finance
At the opening ceremony of the Portsdown Clubhouse on 12th September, 1980.

Civil Service Club - Clubhouse Singapore
Our Vision:
To be the Social Club of Choice for Public Officers
Our Mission:
To provide affordable, quality facilities, activities and services which fulfill the needs of our members.
Our Values:
Passion, Integrity, Excellence, Respect and Creativity