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The Umonics Method: Webinar for Parents of Preschoolers

In this webinar, the members will learn:
- Powerful techniques for your child.
- 5 Powerful ways to improve your child's memory.
- Why you are using memory flashcards all wrong and how to correct this immediately.
- Learn 2-proven Memory Techniques for your child that breaks memory records.

Lean And Green

The availability of vegetarian and vegan cuisine in Singapore has exploded over the past decade, making such choices more convenient than ever before.

Some people say that a plant-based diet is better for health than a conventional diet, but is it really? Also, how can we get enough protein and other nutrients if we cut out meat from our diet? In this session, learn smart nutrition advice & tips to take note of when going green.

This talk will cover the following:

1. Types of vegetarian diets
2. Reasons to go vegetarian
3. Health benefits of a vegetarian diet
4. Potential nutritional deficiencies and how
to prevent them
5. Eating right: How to achieve a balanced diet

Looking Great! (Personal Hygiene and Social Skills for Children)

Our children have been doing great in their academic, is there something else we may have overlooked? Ms Josey Koh, MOE registered Trainer has trained many students and has always constantly remind them the importance of personal hygiene, etc. She will also share about the social skill with the children on what they need to look out for.

Eat Right For Bone Health

Bone health is an important issue not just for seniors, but for younger males & females too.

Achieving good bone health in your prime years ensures healthy bones & healthy aging later on in life.

Our Nutrition Educator will discuss the importance of Calcium, Vitamin D and weight bearing exercises which are the key elements for osteoporosis prevention.

Get practical tips on how to achieve optimal intake of nutrients for good bone health. Don’t Delay…. Act Now!

CSC Virtual Christmas Party

Join us for a fun and exciting Virtual Christmas Party organized by Civil Service Club. Get ready for an exciting performance consisting of a magic and puppet show hosted by Mr Egg! Should you have any enquirers please email

Sharing is Caring

It’s the time of the year, lets sit back and share our thoughts on what we are grateful for together with our children. Moving ahead, 2022 will be better year, sharing is caring, share your to-do list.



COVID-19 Measures Update (w.e.f. 22 Nov '21)

All Indoor and outdoor masked/unmasked activities and classes capped at multiple groups of up to 5 for all fully vaccinated participants. Subject to venue's capacity limit. Online workshops are available.


Indoor unmasked activities for unvaccinated children 12 yrs old & below

Unvaccinated children 12 years old and below will be allowed to participate in indoor unmasked activities, capped at only one group of 5 participants from the same household.


Indoor masked and outdoor masked/unmasked activity (Updated on 22 Nov '21)

For indoor masked and outdoor masked/unmasked activity, the unvaccinated children in the group do not have to be from the same household, and there can be multiple groups of 5 participants up to the venue capacity limit.