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Boost Your Immunity with Essential Oil

Improve your immunity by using the right essential oil. Our speaker will share on various types of immune boosting essential oils which can help to protect you from bacterial and viruses.

Understanding Food Labels – The Good the Bad and The Unhealthy

Reading and understanding food labels is a useful life skill especially if you are health / budget conscious or trying to manage your weight.
Food labels can be tricky and confusing as nutrition information panel on packaged foods are presented differently depending on the country of origin.
It can be hard to compare and determine which is a healthier product due to these differences.
Claims, logos and ingredient lists on food packaging may be truly misleading and add to the confusion.
Learn from our nutrition educator how to read food labels accurately and differentiate between mislabeled junk food and healthier foods.
Be an informed consumer who can make smart & healthier purchases. Go beyond simply looking at calories, sugar and fat content.

Yoga Flex by Alice Ong (Ally Wang)

Yoga Flex is a dynamic movement class that brings together total body stretching, strengthening yoga postures, and balance and mobility training.
The class is set to engaging world beats and combines an athletic focus with mental relaxation techniques.

CPF Changes and You

Many of us are overwhelmed by the various changes in CPF schemes and options, and find difficulty to understand. In this talk, you will learn how to optimize your CPF Funds and keep abreast of updates in Medishield and Medisave matters as well as investments schemes and children's education plans

Public Speaking

When was the last time you did a spoke to an audience? Are you ready to face the crowd after the break from the Pandemic? Pick up some new ideas on how you could engage your audience when you do conduct a public speech.

Animal Flow by Vienna Goh

Crawl like a bear, scuffle like a crab, reach like an ape.
A bodyweight movement fitness workout focused largely around ground-based work which aims to improve, mobility, stability, strength, and power. It challenges the body through multiple planes of movement and is a great compliment to barbell work and explosive power athletes (runners, jumpers, martial arts, etc.)



COVID-19 Measures Update (w.e.f. 26 Apr '22)

1) Class size limits will be lifted. 2) Safe Distancing will not be required between individuals or between groups. 3) Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (VDS) will be removed from all settings, except for events >500 participants at any one time.


Mask Wearing (Updated on 26 Apr '22)

Mask-wearing will continue to be required for indoor settings, except for strenuous activities. For unmasked indoor classes, participants must mask-on before and after the class. Mask-wearing is optional for outdoor settings.