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Learn the four-step framework to improve knee and
joint functions. Participants get to learn meridian
qi-flexercise and therapy techniques to enhance daily

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

Integrative Solutions for back pain

Back pain is a common issue for many people. The causes of back pain can range from injury, bad posture, disc degeneration and osteoarthritis.
In this program, participants are going to learn an integrative approach in taking care of their back, relieving the nagging pain, strengthening the back to prevent further back issues.
Integrative approach combines the best practices of meridian self-therapy techniques with musculoskeletal knowledge to give you a holistic healthcare for your back.

Venue : Others

LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program (LOHAS-MSP)

The meridian system is the vital pathway for QI and Blood circulation in your body. Sluggish QI and Blood flow causes various health issues such as headache and migraine, lethargic, senstive nose and skin, aches and pains, weight and digestion issues, insomnia, low immunity and many more.
Learn LOHAS Meridian Self-Therapy Program to relieve and resolve these health issues and gain energy and vitality naturally.

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

Managing Stress with Mindfulness Foundation Course

This four-lesson Mindfulness Foundation course will enable you to understand what is mindfulness, its benefits, what mindfulness practices are and how to practise them in your daily lives. You will be guided through various mindfulness practices, also to know what scientific studies have revealed about mindfulness training. We will also explore stress triggers, and how to respond to them.

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn