Beauty & Health


Gua Sha with Essential Oil

Understand the useful properties in essential oil and how to use the right oils with basic Guasha techniques.

Venue : CSC @ Bukit Batok

Scented Candle Making

Come and learn how to make your own scented candle with essential oils. You will also get to bring home a scented candle.

Venue : CSC @ Bukit Batok

Managing Stress with Mindfulness Foundation Course

This four-lesson Mindfulness Foundation course will enable you to understand what is mindfulness, its benefits, what mindfulness practices are and how to practise them in your daily lives. You will be guided through various mindfulness practices, also to know what scientific studies have revealed about mindfulness training. We will also explore stress triggers, and how to respond to them.

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

Preview: Managing Stress with Mindfulness

The course is based on the well-researched and evidence-based Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme developed by Dr Jon Kabat Zinn in 1979, at the University of Massachusetts, Center for Mindfulness in US. Practising mindfulness improves well-being, reduces stress and helps one manage difficult emotions like anger, fear and anxiety.
What you will learn:
• An introduction to mindfulness
• The mindfulness practice of awareness of the breath and bodyscan
• Scientific studies of mindfulness
• An overview of the 4-week Mindfulness Foundation Course

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

Valentine's Day Makeup

This super popular makeup session will be adapted for Singaporean and require only basic makeup skills to charm your date!

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn