DIY Drone

Drones flying is the new in-thing in the Aviation scene at the moment and have very broad applications like surveillance, transportation, aerial filming etc. In this workshop, students will learn different electronic concepts and assemble up their own drones to fly.

Learning Outcomes
1. Science Principles and Aerodynamics
2. Basic drone concepts
3. Craftwork Techniques
4. Hand-eye coordination and motor skills
5. Experience building and flying a drone

Aged 6 years and above

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

Bath bombs Workshop

Each participant will get to make 2 bath bombs for them to take home. They will learn about the ingredients that make bath bombs fizz upon contact with water as well as the benefits of different types of essential oils.

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

Parent/Child - Children Christmas Baking

Children Christmas Baking
This Christmas get your children to make these delicious treats for wrapping or bottling up, to be given as meaningful and delicious handmade gifts. Fees inclusive of all ingredients required at workshop.

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

Boogie Bounce for Parent-Child

Age 6 to 14 years (Strictly for parent & child ONLY)

Join us this school holiday for an hour of laughter and fun workout bouncing on a mini trampoline that is attached with a safety bar to ensure a safe and lively cardio session for your little ones.
Benefits from this bouncing workout include motor-skills development for young children, better concentration, good balancing skills, cardiovascular fitness and many more.

Venue : CSC @ Bukit Batok

Medley mania (3 days workshop)

Our popular Medley Mania Camp will cover the best of everything Whizz Kidz has to offer. Campers can expect wacky science experiments, arts and craft projects, cooking, invention challenges, games and many more activities.

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

Sew Your Own Ang Bao

Each participant will sew their own ang baos (using safe plastic needles), after which cute CNY felt stickers will be pasted onto their ang baos! Each participant will get to bring home 3 ang baos.

Suitable for children age 5 to 12 yrs

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn


With access to advanced robotics kits, participants get to put knowledge and skills into building and programming a fighting Robot that compete against their peers’ in terms of speed and distance.

Participants also learn skills in leadership, community involvement and in communication across different technology platforms.

The LEGO® EV3 Mindstorms allows participants to take control of their own creations and learn to overcome obstacles to achieve the mission.

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

Swimming with Chang @ CC

Learn to swim with Coach Chang!

Venue : CSC @ Changi