Online Workshops


Zumba Fitness by Nicky

Feel the beat with signature Latin and salsa-style music. Work your hips and stomach to strengthen your core, and learn fast, agile footwork that will strength your calves and ankles.

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Find your perfect skincare routine

Join this workshop to learn from the experts, skincare products that is suitable for your skin's health and discover what your skin needs. Create a skincare routine that suits your skin and lifestyle perfectly.

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Seifu Therapy Talk

Seifu therapy is founded in Nagoya Japan and has a 25-year-old history. It involves the "lifting" of the skin along the 12 meridians to create space underneath the skin to promote blood circulation, fluidity and oxygenation. Join this workshop to learn Seifu techniques that helps natural healing and can be used to maintain wellness, leading to a happier, fulfilling life.

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Hokkaido Cheese Tarts with Michelle

In this demo, learn to make Hokkaido Cheese Tart. Hokkaido Cheese tart is a popular Japanese 3 cheese baked dessert tart which originated from Hokkaido dairy products but i will use local alternative for the same high quality equivalent outcome.

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Dull, uneven & tired looking skin is what most of us experience since Phase 2 closure. Stress, sleep habits & lack of proper skincare routine may worsen our skin condition further if we still neglect.

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Cute Decor Donuts

- How to make Zesty Lemonier Baked Donuts
- Using chocolate for dipping and decor
- Using of minimal fondant and chocolate for decor
- Hands-on Decorating using chocolate, Totoro, Piggie and Galaxy

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Dress Well and Feel Good Everyday

When you are well dressed, you feel good! This is a workshop designed to help you dress well so as to build confidence, to feel relaxed and to be yourself! Participants will also learn how to shop for themselves and save money!
This workshop is suitable for both women and men - those who desire a change in their attire, and would like to have a new relationship, new career, new direction in life or to simply get out of a rut.
Course highlights:
- Finding your own style
- Knowing your body shape and how to dress for it
- Knowing your skin tone (warm or cool)

Venue : Others

How Essential Oils can help with Stress

Learn to choose the right products that can help to ease your stress.

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Plastic Bag Parachute

(Parent & Child Activity)
Fun and easy handicraft where children make plastic bag parachute and have fun flying it.
Materials: Medium size plastic bag, scissors, glue, black, blue markers and coloured paper.

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Relieve Back Pain with Meridian Self-Therapy

Back pain can be caused by many reasons ranging from a pulled muscle to a more serious condition on the spine.

In this workhop, participants will gain a better understanding of the causes of their back pain. They will learn and practise sets of self-care techniques to relieve and avoid the nagging pain.

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KpopX Fitness by Christina Goh

Have fun at this Korean dance fitness class. Simplified Kpop dance moves combined with cardio exercises. Sweat it out at this online class with groovy Kpop hits!

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Online Bodyweight Circuit Workout

Back by popular demand, this bodyweight circuit class will help you to achieve the best possible workout by using simple everyday household items as weights. • Stretch and warm up (10 mins) • Main circuit (20 mins)• Tabata workout (5 mins)• Core workout and cool down stretch (15 mins)

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Preview: Managing Stress with Mindfulness

Workshop outcome
- Be introduced to the concept of Mindfulness
- Experience a mindfulness practice (awareness of the breath and bodyscan)
- Understand scientific studies of Mindfulness
- An overview of the 4-week Mindfulness Foundation Course

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At menopause – the end of a woman’s menstrual cycles which also marks the end of her reproductive years – a wide range of symptoms can be expected, such as hot flushes, weight gain and lethargy to name a few. It is important for ladies to understand menopause symptoms to better prepare yourself to adapt to this new life phase.

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Body Toning by Alice Ong

A class with varied exercises to keep your body toned and sculpted.

Venue : Others

Bbarreless by JJ Foo

A workout broken down into four blocks with two cardio fusion intervals, a short warm up and simple stretches to complete a total body workout.

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Fabulous Diets or Fad Diets

Learn and understand about fundamental nutrition with our entertaining and knowledgeable speaker Sharon!

Lifestyle diets such as Ketogenic & intermittent fasting often seem very promising and this appeals to a large number of people who want to drop the extra kilos quickly.

However, as quickly as we lose the weight, we tend to gain it all back and sometimes more. Are we doing it right or is there a catch in these fad diets?

Come and listen to our Nutrition Educator to arm yourself with useful, practical & medically safe advice for maintaining a healthy weight for the long term.

Remember, diets come and diets go...BUT understanding fundamental nutrition logic improves your health and lasts a lifetime.

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Halloween Craft with Toilet Rolls

Create a fun Halloween craft using materials easily available at home.

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Hatha Yoga by Pamela Tan

Hatha Yoga involves breath, body, and mind, through 45 to 60 minutes of breathing, yoga poses and meditation

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Sea Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel Tarts

- Making of tarts shells (dough making and shaping techniques)
- Making of Valrhona dark chocolate ganache
- Making of Salted Caramel
- Special arrangement of tarts (layering, piping and decorating)
- Professional tips and important tricks
- Storage details

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Tips for Healthy Heart

Understand the conditions that affect your heart and the good lifestyle habits that can help to maintain a healthy heart.

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Nasi Lemak Special with Michelle

Learn to cook Nasi Lemak :
- Coconut scented steamed rice
- Fried Malay chicken wings
- Otak Otak from Scratch
- Condiments like ikan bilis (anchovies), peanuts and fried egg
- Sambal chili from scratch

Venue : Others

Relax and Release the tension with Meridian Self-Therapy

Stress and anxiety is common in our modern living. Learning and trying out various self-care techniques to relax and release tension is going to come in handy in the uncertain time.
Participants will be guided through practical techniques to relax and refresh their mind and emotion. The relaxation technique is going to help them relieve the tension in the body and sleep better too.

Venue : Others

Children's Day - Paper Pinwheel

Materials : Sheets of paper (decorated or plain), unsharpened pencil with eraser, crayons, scissors, ruler, sharpened pencil and ball pin.

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