Page 10 - CSC Bye Laws
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               1a. The Club shall consist of members of the following classes:

                    Honorary Life Members
                    Ordinary Members
                    Supplementary Members
                    Retiree Members
                    Associate Members
                    Social Members

               1b. The Executive Committee shall have power to restrict the number of members of
                    any or all classes and determine the entrance and membership fees payable in
                    respect of each class.


               2. The Executive Committee may invite distinguished persons to become Honorary
                  Life Members of the Club. Honorary Life Members shall not be required to pay any
                  entrance or subscription.

               ORDINARY MEMBERS

               3.  All  civil  servants  and  officers  serving  in  Statutory  Boards,  Institutions  of  Higher
                  Learning and Government Aided Schools are eligible to be enrolled as Ordinary
                  Members. The monthly subscription levied on each member will be based on his
                  divisional status in the Public Service. The Executive Committee shall from time to
                  time decide on the monthly subscription payable by each such division of Ordinary
                  Member.  Any  member  who  leaves  the  Public  Service  other  than  on  retirement
                  shall cease to be a member.

               4. The current Ordinary Members (Life) shall be allowed to retain their membership
                  even upon their leaving the Public Service. Life Members shall not be required to
                  pay any subscription.


               5.  Supplementary  Members  refer  to  the  parents,  spouse  and  up  to  3  unmarried
                  children between the ages of 3 and 21, of the Principal Member. They shall cease
                  to be Supplementary Members if their  Principal Members resign or cease to be
                  members of the Civil Service Club.

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