Page 7 - CSC Bye Laws
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16. Persons may not be introduced as guests more frequently than twice a month for
                   up to one day each.

               17. The Executive Committee or the Management shall have the power to control, or
                   restrict the introduction of guests into all or any part of the Club. Guests may be
                   asked  to  leave  the  Club  by  any  Executive  Committee  Member  or  the
                   Management if their behaviour and conduct cause annoyance to other members.


               18. Members are prohibited from offering any gratuity or money to any employee of
                   the Club.

               19. No food and drinks other than those served by the Club may be brought into any
                   part  of  the  Club  except  with  the  special  approval  of  the  Management.  During
                   private and approved Club functions, wine and spirits may be brought to the Club.
                   A corkage charge may be imposed.

               20. Animals or pets shall not be allowed in the Clubhouses.

               21. No Clubhouse properties, towels or toiletries shall be taken out of the changing
                   rooms or Clubhouses.


               22. Members may apply for permission to use the facilities of the Clubhouses for a
                   private  function.  However,  the  Board  of  Governors  and  Executive  Committee
                   Members shall have priority in the booking of facilities.

               23. The member applying for permission shall be responsible for all payments to the
                   Clubhouse incurred by the function.

               24. The member holding a private function shall be responsible for the behaviour and
                   conduct of his guests, and the loss of and damages to the Clubhouse properties
                   during the function.


               25. Children (between ages of 3 to 21) of the principal member may join the Club as
                   supplementary  members.  Children  (between  ages  of  3  to  21)  who  are  not
                   supplementary members shall be regarded as Guests. Guest fees are applicable
                   if members bring their children (excluding children up to 3 years of age), who are

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