Page 8 - CSC Bye Laws
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not Supplementary members, to use the Clubhouse Facilities. Member must be
                   present to sign them in as Guests.

               26. Young persons under the age of 21 are not permitted to enter the Fruit Machine
                   and Mahjong Rooms, nor be served hard liquor.

               27. Young  Persons  or  children  may  use  any  part  of  the  Clubhouse  premises  as
                   Guests  (except  the  Fruit  Machine  and  Mahjong  Rooms  and  the  bar  areas)
                   provided they are accompanied and under the supervision of an adult member.

               28. Members  bringing  their  children  into  parts  of  the  Clubhouses  where  they  are
                   permitted shall ensure that the children behave with proper decorum whilst they
                   are in the Clubhouses. If such children should be unruly or cause annoyance to
                   other  members  or  otherwise  misbehave,  they  may  be  asked  to  leave  the
                   Clubhouses by any Executive Committee Member or the Management.

               SOCIAL MEMBERS

               29. Members  shall  be  appropriately  attired  when  visiting  the  Clubhouses.  The
                   accepted attire is smart casual. No swimsuit, soiled and wet clothes, flip flops are
                   permitted in the public areas of the Club.

               30. Any  person  who  is  not  an  Ordinary  or  Associate  Member  and  who  is  over  21
                   years of age and resides in Singapore shall be eligible for admission as a Social


               31. Members and Guests shall be required to conform to the attire required for each
                   facility in the Club as may be determined from time to time by the Management.

               32. Persons  in  shorts,  and  sleeveless  T-shirts  shall  not  be  permitted  in  the  Opal
                   Room,  Members'  Lounge  and  such  other  areas  of  the  Club  as  the  Executive
                   Committee may decide. Ladies must be appropriately attired.

               EMPLOYEES OF THE CLUB

               33. No member (principal or supplementary) or guest of a member, shall reprimand
                   any Club employee or any staff of the tenants. Anyone found doing so may be
                   asked  to  leave  the  Clubhouse  premise  and/or  to  be  reported  to  the  Executive
                   Committee for disciplinary actions.

               34. Employees of the Club and tenants are not allowed play the Fruit Machines and
                   Mahjong.  However  the  Management  may  allow  club  employees  to  use

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