Page 9 - CSC Bye Laws
P. 9

indoor/outdoor games facilities free of charge during off-peak periods and outside
                   the Club's official working hours.


               35. The Club shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any article or property
                   brought into the Clubhouse premises and car parks.

               36. The Club shall not be liable for any injury whatsoever or howsoever caused to
                   any person whilst in the Clubhouse premises or car parks.


               37. All suggestions and complaints on clubhouse matters shall be made in writing to
                   the Secretary/General Manager or to the respective Clubhouse Managers.

               CAR PARK

               38. Car parking fees shall be determined by the Management from time to time. All
                   members,  their  guests  and  visitors  shall  park  their  cars  properly  in  designated
                   areas or as directed.

               39. Cars  parked  in  reserved  car  lots  and  unauthorized  areas  or  parked  in  such  a
                   manner  as  to  cause  obstruction  to  traffic  may  be  towed  away  at  the  owners'
                   expense or wheel clamped. A fee will be imposed for the release of the clamped
                   vehicle.  Owners  who  are  members  may  in  addition  be  subject  to  disciplinary

               40. Each principal member is eligible  to  register one  vehicle for concessionary  car
                   parking  at  all  the  Clubhouses.  Prevailing  charges  shall  apply  for  additional
                   vehicles, subjected to the approval of the Management.


               41. Any member or his guest breaking or damaging the property of the Club shall pay
                   to the Club the cost of making good the damage. The amount of such cost shall
                   be assessed by the Management whose decision shall be final.

               42. Any member or guest who contravenes any of these Bye-Laws shall be referred
                   to the Executive Committee for disciplinary action.

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