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Make Your Own Natural Perfume

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In this workshop, you will discover the art and science behind crafting your own natural and safe perfume blend.

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What You Will Learn:

1. Identify The Different Notes in Scent: Explore the enchanting world of fragrance notes and understand how they harmonize to create unique blends.


2. Science of Blending and Mixing: Dive into the intricate science behind the perfect blend, learning the techniques that transform scents into a symphony.


3. Properties of Your Blend: Uncover the individual characteristics of each element in your blend, discovering how they contribute to the overall olfactory experience.


4. Art of Application: Master the art of applying your perfume for maximum effect, whether it's for personal use or as a thoughtful gift.


5. Aromatherapy: Delve into the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, understanding how scents can enhance your well-being and mood.


Hands-On Experience:

This workshop is not just about theory; it's a hands-on experience! Each participant will craft their own masterpiece with guidance from certified Aroma Therapist.


Exclusive Takeaway:

Receive a Limited Edition Booklet containing 50 exquisite perfume recipes, ensuring you can continue your fragrance journey at home. Plus, take home your very own handcrafted perfume masterpiece!


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