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1 Star Kayaking Course

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A 2-day program emphasising safety and skill acquisition for entry-level paddlers. Sign up now to gain certification as a 1 Star (Accredited by Singapore Canoe Federation) kayaker!

Course will conducted at Ohana Beach House (Pasir Ris). Pre-entry requirement: Swimming 50m with PFD and minimum age limit of 12 years old.

More Details:

Technical skills covered:

·        Lifting & carrying

·        Launching & coming ashore

·        Embarking & disembarking

·        Forward paddle a circuit of 100m with directional control

·        Reverse paddle a circuit of 25m with directional control

·        Stopping

·        Forward & reverse sweep strokes

·        Planned capsize followed by swim ashore with retention of kayak and paddle

·        Emptying of water

·        Simple beginnings of moving sideways (“J” draw and classic draw)

·        Simple beginnings of stern rudder (going in a straight line)

·        Simple beginnings of low recovery

·        Rafted ‘X’ rescue

There is currently no schedule.