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Outdoor Adventure Programme @ Chestnut Nature Park

Venue : Others

Children get to explore the rustic forest of Chestnut
Nature Park, appreciate beauty of the surrounding
fl ora and fauna, and get to know more about plants
and animals’ safety. Using a treasure map, children
will navigate the park’s undulating terrain and
help one another fi nd the various treasures on the
map. This exciting adventure provides a fun and
meaningful experience for children in developing
their responsibility, resilience and risk-taking spirit.

Age 6 to 12 years old

Schedules (Term)

07 Oct 22 to 08 Oct 22

09.30AM – 01.30PM

Fee: Supp Member $85, Guest $90

Registered by: 1 week before class

Contact Person: Serene Cho @ 63915620 or serenecho@csc.sg