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The popular annual CSC Singing Star is back!
This Competition is open FREE to members of the Civil Service Club and a chargeable fee of $5 for all civil servants and officers serving in Statutory Boards, Restructured Hospitals, Government-Aided Schools.
Applicable to participants aged 18 years and above only.

More Details:


1. This competition is open FREE to all CSC Members and $5 for Public Service Officers, 18 years old and above.

2. Categories of songs: English & Mandarin only.

3. Minimum of 20 sign-ups per category for the competition to start.

4. This competition is for solo singing only.

5. Contestants are only allowed to submit 1 entry in 1 of the categories (English or Chinese Language).

6. Contestants to start the video with an introduction of their name and title of the song.

7. Cut-off date and time for all submissions is on 10 Nov '23, 12 noon.

8. Contestants to include their Full Name, Membership ID (for member), Minstry (for PSO) and Contact number together with the submission.

9. Contestants to email events@csc.sg for a link to submit your video.

10. Contestants may choose to: - Sing without background music or - With live accompaniment using acoustic instruments (e.g. guitar, keyboard etc) or - With a backing track/ minus-one (volume has to be lower than actual voice)

11. Our panel of judges will judge based on the following criteria:

      - Vocal 40%, Diction 20%, Rhythm/Tempo 20%, Stage Presentation 20% 11. CSC will contact the winners on the prize collection through email. 12. All pictures and videos taken during the competition belongs to CSC and CSC will use it for publicity purposes.

12. CSC will contact finalists on the final selection.

Submission Closing Date: 10 November 2023, 12 noon.

Finals will be held on 19 November 2023, 6pm – 9pm.

Please note that this competition requires a minimum of 20 contestants in each category to commence.

There is currently no schedule.