Event | Kids | Rubber Powered Glider Workshop

Rubber Powered Glider Workshop

Venue : CSC @ Tessensohn

The rubber-powered glider workshop serves as an introduction for children to gain interest in aviation through simple assembly of a rubber-powered glider. Participants will get to learn about propulsion theory, energy and forces in a fun hands-on approach. Participant get to bring back the glider!

Learning Outcomes
1. Science Principles and Aerodynamics
2. Assembly of a plane
3. Balancing and trimming a glider
4. Propellers and elastic potential energy
5. Proper throwing techniques

More Details:

Date: Sun, 19 Mar ’23

Time: 9am – 12pm

Fees: Supp Members $55, Guests $65 (min 10 pax) 

Venue: CSC @ Tessensohn

Contact: Chong Chen at 6391 5641 or gohchongchen@csc.sg

Register By: 1 week before event date

There is currently no schedule.